Taking Action on Period Poverty

The United Colleges Group is taking further action to eradicate period poverty at both City of Westminster College and College of North West London.

The group has announced that all female and gender-neutral toilets in its buildings will be stocked with a basket full of free sanitary products.

During 2020-21, the college group distributed 20,000 period products to students facing financial hardship throughout its community.

The period products were purchased using money from the Department of Education’s free sanitary products scheme and made available throughout the group’s college estate.

Now that period products are exempt from VAT, the group has decided to go even further by making them available in all female and gender-neutral bathrooms as well as creating posters providing information.

The United Colleges Group is committed to fighting period poverty and believes that this new initiative will constitute a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Stephen Davis, Group Principal and CEO of the United Colleges Group, said:

“Period poverty is an issue that impacts upon the lives of too many people and we at the United Colleges Group are dedicated to solving it.

“By making sanitary products available, we are proud to say that nobody in a United Colleges Group building will be forced to spend their money on them.

“I send my congratulations to everyone who has been involved in securing this initiative and offer it my full support.”