Vision, Mission and Values

United Colleges Group is committed to providing outstanding world class education and skills. Our work towards delivering this mission for London and Londoners will be built on four key areas of focus. These include:

Enhancing the Student Experience and Outcomes

Our People, Culture and Growth

Fit for Future Assets

Robust Financial Health & Governance

All of which are underpinned by our 6 values.

UCG Values

Our Values


All of our attention will be on meeting the needs of our current and future students and we will listen to them to ensure we best understand those needs.


We will be open and honest with all students and staff, deliver on what we promise and communicate effectively.


We will promote high aspirations for all of our students, create a high performance and innovative culture and welcome change where it benefits the needs of our students.


We will be open and accessible to everyone who needs us, whatever their background, promote the highest standards of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and challenge intolerance and inequity wherever we see it.


Everyone in our learning community will treat each other with respect and fairness, and actively listen and respond to issues raised by members of that learning community.


We will support each other within our learning communities to be the best we can be, and help each other when we face challenges and difficulties.

Together these values form the STAIRS that help us to support every one in our learning community to reach their aspirations.